For the past eleven years, Rae has been working as a production designer in New York and Los Angeles. During the last 5 years, she has broadened her scope to include designing restaurant interiors in both LA and New York.

Throughout her career, Rae has worked with such photographers as; Annie Leibovitz, Anthony Mandler, Art Streiber, Brian Bowen Smith, Dewey Nicks, Jason Bell, Kai Z Feng, Kurt Iswarienko, Mark Laita, Nigel Parry, Russell James, Terry Tsiolis, and The Wade Brothers.

Some of her advertising clients include: Apple, CBS, Disney/Dreamworks, Jimmy Choo, NBC Universal Pictures, Netflix, Nike, Penguin, Proctor & Gamble, Target, and Warner Bros. International.

Her editorial clients include; Entertainment Weekly, Details, ESPN, Esquire, GQ, New York Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Time, V Man, and Vanity Fair.

Rae currently resides in Venice California.